Online distributor LibDib has entered the Illinois market

Online distributor LibDib has entered the Illinois market, expanding its footprint to six states, including four of the top five U.S. markets for alcohol consumption. The company currently operates as a licensed wholesaler in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Wisconsin. Aimed at providing distribution for smaller wine and spirits producers, LibDib is a […]

The Ultimate Checklist for Your Restaurant Bar Program

bartender pouring LibDib whisky in glass at restaurant

So, you?ve decided to open a restaurant and bar. Before opening your doors, it?s essential to have all of the proper equipment necessary to operate a successful bar. A well-equipped bar can easily make your restaurant successful and bring more customers into your establishment. You might choose to build a full-service bar or a limited-service […]

How To Sell More Craft Liquor & Wine In Your Bar or Restaurant

Man pours liquor for customer at a bar

To own a bar or restaurant is a great accomplishment. It keeps you busy and on your toes, especially if you?re always looking for ways to market your services. If you?re supplying liquor, offering new brands and serving wine or spirits that are relatively unknown, can boost your image with today?s consumers. To help you […]

How Direct Relationships with Resellers Can Grow Your Craft Liquor or Wine Brand

A Behind The Bar Trend Your Business Can?t Afford to Miss

The liquor, wine and spirits industries are full of promising opportunities, especially in large markets like New York and California. New York liquor distributors have been increasing their wholesale craft liquor sales quite drastically. For a craft liquor distributor in multiple states (like LibDib), emerging, small production brands are what allow us to expand our […]

True Consumer Choice Beginning to Impact Alcoholic Beverage Industry

True Consumer Choice Beginning to Impact Alcoholic Beverage Industry

By Laura Ness, Wine Industry Advisor.?This article is part of the Bold Predictions series. Cheryl Durzy, CEO and founder of Liberation Distribution (LibDib), thinks the time for real consumer choice in the alcoholic beverage industry is about to dawn as consumer behavior, retailer services, and increased 3-tier access trends converge. For wineries this presents an […]