How To Sell More Craft Liquor & Wine In Your Bar or Restaurant

Man pours liquor for customer at a bar

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To own a bar or restaurant is a great accomplishment. It keeps you busy and on your toes, especially if you?re always looking for ways to market your services. If you?re supplying liquor, offering new brands and serving wine or spirits that are relatively unknown, can boost your image with today?s consumers. To help you reach continued successes, we here at LibDib took the liberty of listing or top marketing secrets that?ll help you sell more craft liquor.

Tips on How To Sell More Craft Liquor


1. Promotions

Even the wealthiest people in the world can?t resist a good deal. Try offering promotions on alcohol beverages at least once a week, or possibly multiple weekdays through a Happy Hour. Set a time frame that will draw in a promising crowd of available consumers looking to sip on a drink while scarfing down a delicious plate. Half-off or a 2-for-one specials will never let you down.

2. Craft liquor distributor

A craft liquor distributor such as our company, LibDib, will completely change the structure of your beverage operation. Here?s how:

Order alcohol beverages online

LibDib is a liquor distributor takes the hassle of searching and buying alcohol beverages. Not only can you purchase wholesale craft liquor with the click of a button, but the alcohol beverages will be delivered straight to your establishment.

Buy wholesale craft liquor

To sell more craft liquor you must have plenty of alcohol beverages in stock. A craft liquor distributor allows you to buy wholesale alcohol and keeps your business running smoothly. Stock up by purchasing bulk liquor from a wholesale alcohol distributor (like LibDib) or enjoy LibDib?s no minimums and buy only what you need. It?s all about what works best for you!

Return on Investment (ROI)

No matter the industry, every company wants to know they are receiving a good ROI. An excellent alcohol distribution company such as ours (humble bragging) offers wholesale craft liquor at affordable prices so you can make more money on the margin. After stocking up on wholesale alcohol, you can then sell individual drinks by the glass to consumers and gain back more than you spent. If you purchase more than enough wholesale craft liquor, you can include weekly promotions and discounts on drinks to draw in more customers, substantially increasing revenue.

Top Brands and Upcoming brands

The best part of purchasing alcoholic beverages through a craft liquor distributor is that they carry unique brands you can?t find anywhere else. Never before has this many new brands and products been available to buy via wholesale. Your customers will keep returning to your bar or restaurant because they can?t find these brands anywhere else. Use unfamiliar liquor brands to your advantage! Be known for the emerging brands you serve.

Different styles of alcohol

In addition to buying exclusive brands, a liquor distributor carries a variety of mixed drinks to suit any client. Whether it be wine, whiskey, champagne, and more, you have the option to choose the type of alcohol that fits your target audience. The more you build inventory, in all categories of alcohol, the larger you diversify your audience and rank higher as a top contending bar or restaurant.

Learn more about how direct relationships with Makers can grow your craft liquor or wine brand.

3. Events

Stand out from the rest of the dining competition and throw engaging events that reel in crowds of people. Events show that your company is adapting to a new era and isn?t afraid to try something out of the ordinary. The unexpected makes people excited and encourages them to return for more. An event also persuades customers to stay longer and not just eat a meal and leave. The longer they stay, the most likely they are to buy drinks.

Some events to consider are:

Trivia night

Most people attend trivia nights with coworkers are friends, which allows your establishment to sell more craft liquor. Combine trivia night with happy hour, and we guarantee your wholesale craft liquor was worth the investment.


It?s a fun way to convince your customers to interact, and of course, drinking inspires people to loosen up and enjoy the moment. A few drinks in, and your quietest customer is willing to sing an 80?s pop hit.

Live bands

Live music sets a romantic tone. That encourages couples to have an alcoholic beverage and appreciate the company of one another. Turn your restaurant into the most popular place to eat by inviting live bands to play during evening hours.


Televisions are an excellent investment for your restaurant or bar. Most people enjoy watching a sports game amongst their peers with tasty food and a drink (specifically beer or whiskey) in their hands. As mentioned above, this is the perfect opportunity to create a promotion such as a happy hour and sell more craft liquor. Remember to buy wholesale craft liquor to prevent from running out of drinks on an angry crowd of sports fanatics.

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