Alcoholic beverage distribution for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Liberation Distribution (LibDib) was founded in June, 2016 in San Jose, California. We are a wholesale distributor of alcoholic beverages enabled through a web and mobile platform.

The Team

Cheryl Murphy

is LibDib’s founder, CEO and resident wine geek. She spent the last 20 years managing sales and marketing for her family’s Northern Central Coast winery Recently, Cheryl came to the realization that the beverage industry needs efficient distribution options for craft distilleries, micro-breweries and family-owned wineries to be successful on their own terms. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: Red Solo Cup. Why? The Red Solo represents outside, on the go and fun.

Richard Brashears

is LibDib’’s CTO. Rich spent over 20 years developing complex software for use in design of consumer electronics, computers, gaming and automotive electronics. He met Cheryl while building and designing the consumer mobile application Wine with Friends. He is excited to find more ways to do business together via the LibDib platform. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: Moscow Mule Copper Mug. Hard to tip over. Impossible to break.

Frank Hoppe

is LibDib’s COO and GC. Frank’s has extensive experience in providing legal and business guidance to software and technology companies. He is responsible for leading LibDib’s operations and managing legal affairs to make LibDib the most efficient and compliant distributor in the country. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: Nalgene Water Bottle. Fast Mover + Designated Driver + Profuse Sweating = massive hydration needs.

David Cross

is a Chief Code Magician (i.e. Engineer) in the House of LibDib. He has 20+ years experience doing pretty much anything and everything in software; most recently he has focused on mobile, cloud and Big Data stuff. David architects, designs and develops everything from the back-end to the front-end, from the infrastructure to the GUI. That's pretty much what a wizard has to do. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: A martini glass. Why? Fancy and sophisticated. Just like me.

Robert Brashears

is an Engineer at LibDib. Robert is also in the running to be the house wine geek, a title which is slowly slipping away from Cheryl. He has 20+ years experience in Electronic Design Automation. He is uber smart and works with high-level design language modeling, data modeling and predictive analytics. Robert has extensive direct experience working with global customers. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: A big red wine glass. Why? I like wine.

Jeff Markham

is the Primo Bit Twiddler Extraordinaire. His well deserved title is based on 27 years designing and developing complex algorithms, high performance user interfaces, and SAAS-like frameworks. More importantly, Jeff is Logan Baptista's Grandfather. He would like to play with Logan instead of working. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: An antique goblet. Why? It reminds me of one my grandmother had.

Tanya Reisbeck

is LibDib's Customer Experience and Product Operations Specialist. She manages LibDib’s customer experience and service teams. Tanya has her master's degree in Speech Pathology. Several positions within that field and a few bartending gigs, have trained her well to create an excellent customer experience in and out of the platform. Favorite Drinking Apparatus: A shot glass. Why? It's small, yet mighty.

Sabra Rossman

is the Remote Software Wizard, based in LibDib, Seattle. She spent the last 20 years in Electronic Design Automation working for Cadence and Intel, specializing in database design and implementation, infrastructure and geometry algorithms. Her father spent his career at a beverage wholesaler, so she feels very connected to the task at hand.

Smart People That Are Helping Us

Angels3Zero ● Bill Murphy ● Bob Dunnett ● Brian Rosen ● Fivestone Partners ● Hops and Vine ● Joe Cirone ● Last Call Restaurant Group ● Tania Sheppard ● Teplin+Nuss