Introducing LibTech

Built by a distributor for distributors

LibDib’s Software Platform now available for SaaS licensing and technology services for beverage alcohol wholesalers

Reimagine the way you distribute beverages with LibTech. Seamlessly connect customers, sales representatives and suppliers.

Digital SKU's

Build a digital catalog for distributor sales and consumer facing applications


Customized e-Commerce with AI recommendation engines for customers and sales reps

Distributor Data

Powerful dashboards, reporting and analytics


Digital Brand Building

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of all global marketing budgets will go to digital branding (2024)

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increased global branding investments in AI

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of global brands will rely on customer data platforms to personalize branding experiences (2024)

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increase in revenue from companies that maintain consistency in their branding


Integrating Each Stakeholder In The Wholesale Ecosystem

LibTech Ecosystem

Customized Solutions

The Supplier

The Ecommerce

AI, Analytics
& Dashboards

Collaborative Brand

LibTech Logo


is the only platform built by distributors for distributors, suppliers and buyers to thrive.

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LibDib is a modern
tech stack built by distributors for the beverage-alcohol industry

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We empower you with content and insights to make connections between your customers, sales teams and suppliers

“LibDib has proven to create the best online and offline experience for the distribution industry. I am thrilled to work with the LibTech Division to provide our valued team members with immediate access to AI-enabled sales tools and a data experience like no other.”

– Ryan Moses, Managing Director, Best Brands

The Problem

There are challenges to digital brand building:


The Solution

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You need a digital brand building partner who can help you realize today’s opportunities & expand on future relationships and revenue


Best Brands

Who are we?

LibTech is the SaaS division of LibDib, a technology company and beverage wholesaler. The proprietary software custom built by LibDib specifically for the complex and highly regulated beverage industry is now available for other distributors to utilize within their businesses.

What do we do?

LibTech works with beverage wholesalers providing customized solutions for e-commerce, sales collaboration, SKU and supplier data management and sales analytics.

How do we do it?

LibTech engineers are the most knowledgeable in the business when it comes to the needs of a distributor.

What else do we believe?

We believe that the beverage industry is complex, highly competitive and rapidly evolving when it comes to technology. Our software is unique in that it is entirely customizable based on a distributors needs. With LibTech, distributors can provide their customers with and ecommerce experience that includes accurate pricing, up to date inventory and online payment options. Sales reps and managers are more connected with their customers than ever, focusing on increasing sales and PODs. And our detailed dashboards give immediate access to data to efficiently manage Makers, Buyers and Reps. We are the only platform built by a distributor for distributors. We know how to do it right.