How Craft Liquor & Wine Brands Can Drive Traffic To Their Websites

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A prosperous website is essential in the era of technology. Not only does a website bring more exposure to your company, but it?s a profit-making source that?ll make your craft liquor or wine brand thrive. At LibDib, we?ve experienced success in promoting alcohol wholesale through a well-functioning site or by developing our social media marketing channels. The recognition we receive as a top liquor distributor in California is in a large part due to our online presence.

To help you understand how a liquor distributor found success online, we have created a list of the techniques we used to launch our brand (and to continually bring in leads). These tips are as easy to follow as they were to find.

So, if you?re looking to promote your craft liquor or small production wine, just follow these steps and watch as your brand draws in a flux of new consumers and trade customers.

How to promote traffic to your craft liquor or winery website



Oh, the importance of well-written content. When we say well-written, we aren?t just referring to grammar. In today?s world, engaging content is as relevant as correct spelling and punctuation.

The best way to start is to create wording and a slogan that represents your craft liquor or wine brand. Choose wording that is memorable and easy to quote. Along with catchy phrases that appeal to your target audience, take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves optimizing a website by modifying the HTML and coding, as well as adding content, to increase the relevance of your site on search engines like Google, Safari, etc.

Keywords mentioned on your website are vital in promoting traffic. The more words you include that are searched for online (and related to your craft liquor or wine brand), the easier it is to move up on search engine pages. Note that having your craft liquor or wine brand appear on the first page of Google is always the goal!

SEO also helps to organize your site. In establishing keywords, you find the exact wording you need to use when developing content. After all, those are the words your customers are searching for! So use them to describe your craft liquor or wine brand and in the end your brand will resonate with your buyers.

As a liquor distributor, we have greatly benefited from SEO. Our carefully planned content drives web traffic from restaurants, bars and retailers. These trade customers are searching for wholesale whiskey and wholesale craft liquor. If they need a liquor distributor in California, we are searchable and easily understood. It?s all because of SEO. As an Internet company, it?s a backbone of our business.

Social Media

If your craft liquor or wine brand is not on social media, you may want to create a few accounts TODAY. Those accounts should include Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Each has unique functions that allow for consumers to discover your craft liquor or wine brand.

Specifically, Instagram and Pinterest are great sources to promote sales and increase traffic. These social media sites allow you to create clickable ads that will lead consumers onto your website or even a landing page.

Since Instagram follows an algorithm that caters to a searcher?s previous web searches, your brand may appear in their feed. For example, if they?ve searched ?liquor near me? online then checked their Instagram feed, your promoted ad could appear on their page. One-click, then boom! You attract new followers and customers.

Click here to learn more about how to use social media for advertising your liquor brand.

Digital Ads

Social media promotions and digital ads are required to bring people to your site. It?s also a smart idea to reach out to blogger sites or liquor sites that allow sponsored ads. Place an ad and then your craft liquor or wine brand will gain followers of other sites in a similar category. They may not even know about you until they see your ad pop up.

Capture Email Addresses

To increase traffic, try email marketing as well. An email sign up added to your website will help influence visitors to return. Most adults check their emails daily. This indirect communication strategy can help you announce sales that draw attention. It also reminds people that your brand exists and eventually leads them to your website. Anytime we have specials on wholesale craft liquor or wine we make sure to send out clickable emails with a catchy subject line to let our reseller customers know we are still present, and we still care. We introduce new wine and spirits products to them as well.


Influencers have completely changed the face of online advertising. In contrast to celebrities, influencers are trusted and viewed as more than someone trying to promote a product. Most people believe their opinions a sponsorship validates your product and your brand.

Partner with an influencer or a group of influencers to drive in more traffic to your craft liquor or wine website. Their large followings can allow your product to be seen by people across the globe. It also creates a space where people can engage in conversation with one another. If an influencer enjoys your craft liquor or wine, they can verbally tell their audience why your product is incredible and convince people to try it for themselves.

Most of the time, influencers also come with quality photos. High-quality photos are a double win because you can repost those images onto your social media accounts as well as your website. If those influencers tag your page onto their post, and you have your website link posted on your page, then you will indeed reach success.

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