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How an Emerging Craft Spirits Company Found Huge Success on LibDib

LibDib Maker: Phenomenal Spirits
LibDib Markets: California, New York, Illinois
LibDib Brand Pages: //

In March 2020 the world launched into a global pandemic. That same month, emerging craft spirits company, Phenomenal Spirits, entered the U.S. market with their small-production Ron Izalco Rum and RY3 Whiskey. 

Over the past 15 months the spirits brand has found huge success, expanding distribution to 15 states and selling barrel after barrel of their small-batch products. 

What’s been one key to their success? Working with LibDib.

“LibDib can move at a rapid pace,” says Phenomenal Spirits founder Karthik Sudhir. “I’m here to tell craft brands that there’s a way to secure distribution with a limited budget and test out your brand positioning, pricing strategy, and marketing campaigns, as well as fine tune your strategy before pitching your brand to the big five distribution companies. LibDib gave us a platform and within a couple of weeks we launched in California.”

How a Start-Up Distillery Brought in $180k in Sales in Just Over 2 Months (during COVID)

LibDib Maker: Kozuba & Sons Distillery
St Petersburg, Florida
LibDib Markets: California, Florida, Illinois
LibDib Brand Page:

Kozuba & Sons Distillery in St Petersburg, FL, started selling their revamped product line of vodka, whiskey and cordials to buyers in California and Florida on June 6, 2020. In just a little over two months, this family-owned distillery has sold $180,000 in products and secured almost 80 new accounts. They are now in the process of presenting to major chain stores and have goals to reach the $400,000 sales mark. In most times, this type of expansive growth is unheard of in the craft spirits world–but during COVID, it’s almost impossible. Or is it? 

James Williams of Edge Beverage Consulting says that the secret sauce to Kozuba’s success is “a combination of Kozuba’s willingness to take honest and open feedback about pricing, product development, and sales strategies–as well as the ease of working with LibDib.”

Distiller Finds Major Success Through LibDib’s Club & Online Retail Relationships

LibDib Maker: Penelope Bourbon
Location: New Jersey
LibDib Markets: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois
LibDib Brand Page:

LibDib’s Club program was created to help Makers gain access to programs where Buyers purchase in bulk and ship to consumers. This can be great marketing for new products.

An example is Penelope Bourbon, a New Jersey based start-up distillery that launched in March 2019 and was started by Mike and Kerry Paladini, and Mike’s close friend and childhood next door neighbor, Danny Polise. Mike and Danny grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and the two bourbon lovers began creating a product that everyone could enjoy and love.

“A careful combination of whiskey clubs and retail relationships has given us an incredible path to national distribution without being nationally distributed,” says Mike Paladini. “Our partnership with LibDib has allowed us to build amazing relationships with key online players. We have been able to capitalize on these partnerships to grow our small brand into something much larger.”

How a Small Napa Winery Found Distribution Success

LibDib Maker: Hersly Wines
Location: Napa, CA
LibDib Markets: California, New York
LibDib Brand Page:

Given increased distributor challenges, in mid-2018 Hersly needed to look at other options to continue visibility and grow their brand in current and new markets. In August 2018 they were introduced to LibDib by a current customer account and signed up online for wholesale distribution in New York. Sixty days later, a high-end steakhouse received their first case through LibDib. Immediately, they loved the control they had over their brand with the LibDib platform. The Herslys appreciated that they could continue to own their direct relationships with accounts and that they could further build their account list utilizing LibDib as the distributor. “We literally would not have the business we have today without LibDib. We possibly could have gone out of business, but definitely would not have been able to grow. Distribution is our lifeline to new customers and LibDib has been our saving grace.” -Adam & Stacy Hersley, Hersly Wines, Napa

A Start-Up Distillery Uses Distribution to Drive Growth

Distillery: Dented Brick Distillery
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Production: 15,000 cases annually
LibDib Markets: California, Colorado, Florida
LibDib Brand Page:

Dented Brick is a small distillery focused on growth. They have doubled their production year after year and continue to grow at an incredibly rapid pace, with plans to get from 15,000 annual cases to 70,000 in the near future.

Distribution is Dented Brick’s second most important priority after raising capital.
Big distributors wouldn’t talk to them. When they finally started to secure distributors they were billed for work that wasn’t being done.

“LibDib is a totally different platform and they offer distribution access in a very good way. LibDib can really shake up this industry, especially as more consumers seek true craft brands.” said Marc. “It’s an easy buying process for accounts. They can just go and buy online. That immediate access is a game changer.”

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