Wholesale distribution that brings you innovative, emerging and small batch brands.

Buy the wine and spirits that your customers want. It’s free to sign up. Shop online or with your mobile device.

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Wholesale Distribution, 200 Proof

Instead of trucks, warehouses and sales pros, we use the power of the Internet and our Makers to get you the products customers want.

Easy to sign up. Quick Approval. Just pop in some basic info and start shopping.

Our Team Keeps It Real

While LibDib runs on top-notch technology, it’s our industry-leading team that sets us apart. Passionate customer service. The best happy hour partners. Want to know more? Meet Angelique, one of our Buyer team leads.

How It Works


Sign Up & Shop Online.

Upload your license and start shopping. Shop by category or filter selections based on your preferences. Add products to your cart. Submit your order.

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Receive Products!

LibDib’s LibShip program delivers products to you. Easy online tracking.


Search for New & Emerging Brands. Reorder Online.

LibDib adds hundreds of new products each month. Buyers set reorder reminders for simple restocking of product favorites. It’s as simple as going online to see what’s new.

Hear from Our Resellers

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