How to Use Social Media to Advertise Your Liquor Brand

Online Social Media to advertise liquor.
LibDib brings you tips that'll help you advertise your liquor product or liquor distribution company to gain a larger audience and increase business sales.

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As we enter a new decade in a few weeks, it’s a given that social media will tag along. Social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have significantly transformed the way we communicate. Humans from all facets of the world can now send and receive messages in a matter of seconds. Messages no longer have to be conducted using words or signals, either. With the emoji, social platforms allow users to speak with one another without having actually to speak or write. How amazing is that?

In addition to using social media as a source to communicate, social networks can allow you to market your products to trade accounts. If you run liquor distribution, can create a profile dedicated solely to your brand?s mission. An Instagram page alone connects you to millions of people and can grow exposure for your company. Compared to traditional marketing strategies, such as flyers and trade shows, the outreach for social media is unmatched.

If you happen to be working with a liquor distribution company or if you run a liquor brand (wine/spirits), you absolutely should utilize social media. As a business dedicated to selling online alcohol wholesale, we at LibDib take full advantage of social platforms. Our experience led us to create a list of social media tips that’ll help advertise your liquor brand. These tips also work for any other business, including beverages, fashion, fitness, and more.

Social Media Tips to Promote Your Liquor Brand

  1. Follow the 80-20 rule

The 80-20 rule helps brands strategically format their social media pages. This rule implies that 80% of the content on your business page is of topics that are interesting to your audience. Hint, if your brand is involved in alcohol distribution or if you’ve created your liquor brand, you want to post content within the topics of drinking, without sponsoring your product. This content can include a liquor meme, which not only shows a sense of character for your business but can lead to reposting from your audiences. Reposting means more exposure.

The lower end of the rule is that only 20% of your content should showcase your product or company. Although it is great to throw your business out there, an excessive amount of content regarding your brand doesn’t necessarily keep people returning to your site.

Posting more than 20% of business-related content gives your social pages a robotic-like image. It’ll make your page appear as if it’s run by a computer. Whether that is true or not, you want people to feel connected to your page so they can feel connected to your products and company. The connection happens organically through a sense of relatability. So, post engaging content to make your audience your ?friends.?

A few more tips for posting content

  • Upload high-quality photos
  • Post clear photos of your liquor product in different settings
  • Use catchy hashtags that people will remember
    • Use hashtags that are popular and related to your product
  • Discuss popular topics and current events
  • Write upbeat captions
  • Post a minimum of 3x per week to stay relevant
  • Schedule posts during active hours
    • Use a third-party tool to schedule content a few days ahead of time
  1. Influencers

Concerning the 80-20 rule of posting personable content, nothing is better than using actual humans. This is where influencers come into play.

Influencers are the new wave of salespeople. Social media viewers are more likely to trust a recommendation from an influencer over a commercial or comments directly stated by the company. They have built their brand on gaining a following that believes the products they post are of great value and can benefit all. A simple photo with your liquor brand, or a caption mentioning your alcohol distribution, can increase your sales in just one day.

  1. Create Online-Only Offer

Use online promotion systems like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram campaigns. Promotions can help you reach a more broad, targeted audience. In creating these campaigns, it’s always a good idea to provide special offers that are exclusively for online consumers. These exclusive offers will allow your company to collect emails from new customers, giving you more opportunities to market your brand (just make sure you?re following all required liquor laws!).

Social media campaigns to promote your liquor distributor or liquor brand should abide by the guidelines of the sites as well. So, make sure to check all rules and regulations before scheduling a post. If your campaign qualifies, have it appeal to your audience with great content and instant discounts, people won’t want to miss.

  1. Find Your Niche

Last rule of thumb, find your niche or brand voice. Are you a humorous page? Does your wine distribution reflect a romantic taste and theme? Do you sell hard liquor like whiskey that’s often consumed at formal dinners or business settings? If you have an understanding of your consumers and your, you will find it easier to create content. This content can help you to grow specific audiences, inspiring them to make a purchase. Target trade accounts to encourage them to buy online alcohol wholesale. It’s a great system that fortunately applies to any brand, not just brands in alcohol distribution.

Following a few steps can excel your company from a regular social media page to a household name. Follow our blog for frequent updates on topics related to current events within the liquor industry and more.

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