How to Make Your Alcoholic Beverage Line Stand Out

Bartender pouring craft liquor from alcoholic beverage line
Make your alcoholic beverage line stand out to increase sales with tips from LibDib, a craft liquor distributor that promotes whiskey and wine wholesale.

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According to reports, the U.S. revenue in alcoholic drinks for 2019 amounts to $251,444 million thus far. It is expected to grow by 2.7% CAGR between the years 2019-2023. Last year, alcohol sales in the U.S. reached $253.8 billion, with wholesale alcohol distribution touching $125.3 billion.

What do all these statistics mean? It means that the alcohol industry is continuing to grow, allowing opportunities for startup liquor companies to benefit from trade and consumer sales. Daily, people are swiping wine bottles off shelves and clearing carts on craft liquor distributor sites. If you own an alcohol beverage line, now is the time to launch your liquor brand.

But first?

Remember, the liquor market is quite competitive. Before you turn into George Clooney, you have to take baby steps to promote your alcohol. Read below to help develop a strategic plan that?ll make your alcoholic beverage line stand out from the rest.


Beverage distributors aren?t the only ones maxing out on popular brands. To get consumers to fall in love with your brand, you have to stand for something. Who is your target audience? Do you speak to them through your label? Does your logo make sense? Is the text and are your images good quality? These are all questions to consider before launching.

In addition to the product design, make sure the website and social media sites are in sync and cater to the audience you are targeting. If your brand is targeted at the 21-31yr olds, produce fun content with bold colors and graphic images. Create a slogan that speaks to your customers. Pringles is the perfect example. ?Once you pop, the fun don?t stop.? It?s clever, easy to remember, and makes the audience want to buy their product as a celebration treat.

Make Your Liquor Accessible

Trade accounts (restaurants, bars, retailers) and consumers should know exactly how to get a hold of your product. This entails making the liquor easily accessible. Your alcoholic beverage line should have social media that links directly to your website. It is necessary that your site has direct links to purchase your drinks. Create a trade section on your website that links to all of your distributors so that Resellers can find your products in their specific market. Have a map that allows consumers to find your products in stores.

Another option is to try a third party to sponsor your brand. Use a wine distributor or craft liquor distributor like LibDib, to grow a broader audience. Trade buyers may not be aware of your products but can quickly stumble across your brand when searching through a beverage distributor site or web-based platform like LibDib. This supplemental exposure can lead to an increase in sales

An accessible product entails promoting in large cities. LibDib now distributes alcohol to California and New York, two of the most populated states. This is a significant if you?re looking to build an empire rather than sell your liquor to locals in your city.


Advertising may sound like a given, but you?d be surprised how many companies struggle to sell their liquor or wine wholesale due to a lack of promotion. In addition to using a third party, a craft liquor distributor, or wine distributors, try utilizing social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest all allow you to create campaigns. A campaign, along with great branding, can attract new customers

Learn more about how to utilize social media for your liquor brand here.

Don?t forget events! Events should be implemented in your advertising techniques, as well. Liquor conventions allow you the opportunity to speak with bar, restaurant and retail shop owners. Activities such as a convention will not only grant you attention but can guide you through negotiating whiskey wholesale or wine wholesale. Enhance the conversation with a taste test on the spot!

In the world of advertising, you want to employ press releases to your regimen. Numerous articles mentioning your alcoholic beverage line can excel your company into a top competitor liquor brand. Positive PR reveals a sense of professionalism and produces validity to your company. The more people trust your product, the more they buy your liquor.

Again mentioning your beverage distributors can really help your sales. In your PR include details such as if you work with New York liquor distributors or sell wine wholesale. This will only provide more credibility.

More information

For additional information regarding wholesale wine, beverage distributors, or how to market your new beverage line, check out LibDib.

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