Online distributor LibDib has entered the Illinois market

Online distributor LibDib has entered the Illinois market, expanding its footprint to six states, including four of the top five U.S. markets for alcohol consumption. The company currently operates as a licensed wholesaler in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New York, and Wisconsin. Aimed at providing distribution for smaller wine and spirits producers, LibDib is a […]

Vinexpo New York names advisory board

Vinexpo New York has created an advisory board ahead of its 2020 event to ?maximise the show?s value in North America?. The New York event has appointed 11 US-based wine and spirits industry leaders to the advisory board, including past exhibitors and attendees of Vinexpo New York.

New Distribution Model for Small Producers Takes Flight

With all the consolidation going on among distributors and producers of alcoholic beverages, it?s become increasingly difficult for small producers to get their product on retail shelves and restaurant lists. But that era?s about to come to an end.

Technology to the Little Guys? Rescue?

Three Californians hope to upend a system for shipping and distributing wine, spirits and beer that has been in place since Prohibition ended, and they plan to do this with the help of technology.

New Company Breaks Barriers to Distribution for Small Producers

Consolidation continues to make distributors bigger and fewer while the number of producers grow with new small producers enter the market. The vast majority of wineries in the US produce less than 5,000 cases, and they?ve been effectively blocked from three-tier distribution because distributor giants won?t take them on, but that?s about to change.