LibTech ushers in new dawn for global alcohol distribution

By Isaiah Zaid Original article published here. LibDib unveils LibTech, a revolutionary software division offering comprehensive SaaS solutions that aim to transform the global alcohol distribution industry, with its capability to process over $1 billion in orders annually. Innovative Software Platform LibTech to Revolutionize Alcohol Distribution Industry A groundbreaking development has emerged from LibDib, spurring excitement […]

Are You Ready for a Brand Ambassador?

Ambassadors aren’t just for the big brands By  Sailor Guevara February 13, 2024 – Original Article You’re an owner of an emerging brand. Your mission statement and vision are solid, and you make great products. How do you build your brand, convey your brand story, and connect with consumers outside your distillery? One possibility? Brand representation. […]

Boisson, The Non-Alcoholic Drinks Retailer, Is Making Moves

Hudson Lindenberger Contributor I cover the ever-changing landscapes of the beer and alcohol industry. Original article: Boisson, a company that would have been unthinkable less than a decade ago, is rapidly establishing itself as a significant player in the burgeoning non-alcoholic drinks market in the United States. Founded by Nick Bodkins and Barrie Arnold […]

From Churn to Earn: Disrupting and Democratizing Distribution–LibDib’s First Seven Years

From Churn to Earn: Disrupting and Democratizing Distribution–LibDib’s First Seven Years Churn, baby, churn. That’s the inefficient cycle wine marketer Cheryl Murphy Durzy found herself in as the marketing person for her family’s winery more than a decade ago.  “I spent almost 20 years working at my family’s winery managing the distribution channel,” she said.”The […]

Thirsty Thursdays with Cheryl Durzy CEO of LibDib

Listen to this Podcast Interview. Welcome to Thirsty Thursdays @3PM EST! My name is Jessie Ott, the Host of this Podcast which is all about Beverage Innovation. I talk with Innovation Pioneers from Agriculture to Glass. This week, I spoke with Cheryl Durzy, CEO at Liberation Distribution otherwise known as LibDib, founded in June of 2016. LibDib has reimagined distribution from the old brick-and-mortar way of selling your products to the […]

LibDib Celebrates Shaking Up the Wine and Spirits Distribution Business

6 years ago today LibDib launched three-tier e-commerce and wholesale distribution to all wine and spirits Makers San Jose, CA, March 22, 2023 — LibDib today celebrates the 6th anniversary of the launch of online wholesale alcohol distribution and the LibDib e-commerce platform. On March 22, 2017, LibDib transformed three-tier distribution with the industry’s first web-based […]

LibDib@RNDC Now Available in Georgia

RNDC and LibDib continue to rapidly expand platform-based distribution, offering LibDib@RNDC in a 5th major U.S. market  Grand Prairie, TX, and San Jose, CA, November 16, 2022𑁋RNDC and LibDib today announced LibDib@RNDC GA, a new RNDC sales division within the state of Georgia. LibDib@RNDC GA brings LibDib’s platform-based distribution model to the state, allowing any and […]

LibDib@RNDC Launches in Indiana

Expansion continues as RNDC and LibDib offer the LibDib@RNDC sales division in a 4th U.S. market and LibDib expands into 13 states Grand Prairie, TX, and San Jose, CA, November 9, 2022𑁋RNDC and LibDib today announced LibDib@RNDC IN, a new RNDC sales division within the state of Indiana. LibDib@RNDC IN brings LibDib’s platform-based distribution model to […]

LibDib Expands into New Jersey

Wholesale alcohol distributor, LibDib, now in 10 markets, allowing all Wine and Spirits brands to use one online platform for distribution  San Jose, CA, March 29, 2022–LibDibTM today announced that the company is now a licensed wholesale alcohol distributor in the state of New Jersey. The market is now open to all licensed wine and […]

Simplifying the Wholesale Distribution Model with Cheryl Durzy

Cheryl Murphy Durzy is the Co-founder and CEO of LibDib, an online wholesale distributor. She has over 20 years of experience in the alcohol industry — she was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing/Proprietor at her family-owned business, Clos LaChance Wines. Her time there gave her the opportunity to develop skills and branch out […]