LibTech ushers in new dawn for global alcohol distribution

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By Isaiah Zaid

Original article published here.

LibDib unveils LibTech, a revolutionary software division offering comprehensive SaaS solutions that aim to transform the global alcohol distribution industry, with its capability to process over $1 billion in orders annually.

Innovative Software Platform LibTech to Revolutionize Alcohol Distribution Industry

A groundbreaking development has emerged from LibDib, spurring excitement across the global alcohol distribution sector. The San Jose-based company has rolled out LibTech, a new division dedicated to licensing its advanced software solutions to distributors around the world. This move encapsulates a significant shift towards SaaS (Software as a Service) within the industry, offering flexibility and scalability to distributors of all sizes.

LibTech’s platform is already demonstrating its potential by processing upwards of $1 billion in orders annually. Its adaptability and strength signal a new era where technologically enabled transactions become the norm in alcohol distribution. The software suite spans across various facets including sales, customer interaction, supplier engagement, product cataloging, data analytics, and distributor sourcing, all tailor-made to create seamless operational experiences.

For sales teams, the platform provides both online and offline ordering options equipped with live pricing and inventory data. Customers benefit from a customized e-commerce experience, enhanced by AI-powered recommendation tools. Suppliers, on the other hand, can onboard effortlessly while managing operational and e-commerce information through a comprehensive Data Management Portal. This comes with lucrative built-in advertising possibilities.

Moreover, the Digital SKU’s Experience allows the creation of a digital catalog, interfacing directly with consumer-facing applications and the so-called “4th-tier” such as home delivery services. Distributors are afforded sophisticated dashboards and analytic tools that bolster data-driven decisions, while sourcing from supplier to distributor is streamlined through the software’s logistical, ordering, and management capabilities.

A particularly attractive feature for distributors is retaining ownership of supplier data and advertising revenue, presenting an opportunity to see returns on their software investment. Customizable and operational within a four-month window, LibTech looks set to redefine the way distributors do business.

LibDib’s Rich Brashears, who serves as the Chief Information Officer and General Manager of LibTech, exudes confidence in the company’s unique position – operating its own distribution business while making such technology commercially available. The goal, he states, is to customize and enhance the experiences of distributors, their suppliers, customers, and sales teams alike.

LibTech will be showcased at the upcoming WSWA Convention, from January 29 to 31, 2024. Interested parties are invited to make an appointment for a demonstration, promising a first-hand look at a solution designed to shape the future of alcohol distribution.

About LibDib, the company behind LibTech: Established in 2016, LibDib, LLC, emerges as a forward-thinking technology provider and a licensed wholesale distributor of alcoholic beverages. Their proprietary marketplace broadens access to an array of unique wines and spirits for businesses, addressing the intricate, three-tier distribution system. Over the years, LibDib has extended its online presence, further engaging the industry with its innovative approaches.

The unleashing of LibTech is not just a milestone for LibDib but a pivotal moment that emphasizes technology’s growing role in streamlining complex industry processes. As the global landscape continues to evolve, LibTech is positioned at the forefront, leading the charge into a new digital dawn for alcohol distribution.

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