How To Sell More Craft Liquor & Wine In Your Bar or Restaurant

Man pours liquor for customer at a bar

To own a bar or restaurant is a great accomplishment. It keeps you busy and on your toes, especially if you?re always looking for ways to market your services. If you?re supplying liquor, offering new brands and serving wine or spirits that are relatively unknown, can boost your image with today?s consumers. To help you […]

How the Right Liquor and Wine Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales

Customers drinking wine in a restaurant.

To run a successful restaurant of any kind takes dedication, patience, and a master plan. As important as it is to never give up, it?s equally as essential to developing a blueprint targeting a specific audience. No matter how tasty your food is, an effective procedure is what will draw in customers. Most restaurants create […]

LibDib is Yours as Much as It’s Ours

One of the main reasons I left my job at a big company to join LibDib was Cheryl Durzy?s (our CEO) vision. It was perfect to me. From a business model perspective, it was really well thought out. As a technologist, this business model made sense.