Liberation Distribution launches new platform

For the first time, ?any maker of speciality wine, craft spirits and micro brews can easily set up distribution?, the company says. American alcohol distribution has not changed since the three-tier system was introduced in 1933 following the repeal of Prohibition.

Alcohol distributors ? Beauty or Beast

There s a new wrinkle in the distributor world, offering lower cost and nationwide distribution ?? Masilva? ( Most states, including Nevada, use a 3 tier distribution system ? producer to distributor to retailer with a cost/profit grease at each level to for the skids. For small producers like we have in Nevada distributors present […]

Startup develops model to connect alcohol manufacturers, sellers

A new Silicon Valley-based alcohol distribution company is hoping to disrupt the three-tier system by offering small-batch beer, wine and spirits producers a more cost-effective route to market and contracts void of strict franchise provisions. Liberation Distribution, which is based in in San Jose, California and was founded by Cheryl Durzy, a 20-year wine industry […]