The 10 Most Autumnal Alcoholic Beverages to Drink This Fall

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We can get as fed up as you can?about the apple-picking, the pumpkin-patching and all those other fall clich?s. But occasionally, it’s nice to indulge. Especially when there’s booze involved…

Hence, this?round?up the most autumnal spirits, from fancy ciders to pumpkin beer and more, conceived to?work you and your compatriots into a bona fide fall frenzy.

We’re not sure exactly what that looks like, exactly,?but, well…we assume we’ll know when we see it.

The boozeπŸ˜•O’Fallon Jack O’Latte.
The fall hook: This is basically a pumpkin spice latte come to life in a beer, in that it’s literally a pumpkin milk stout aged on coffee beans.
Where to buy: Cross your fingers and?hope it’s available at a store near you.

The boozeπŸ˜•The Great’er Pumpkin from Heavy Seas.
The fall hook: It’s a pumpkin ale, yes. But it’s aged in bourbon barrels, for notes of oak and vanilla. In other words: it’s quite delicious.
Where to buyπŸ˜•Check distribution.

The boozeπŸ˜•Rhine Hall Oak Aged Apple Brandy.
The fall hook: Apple. In brandy. In American oak barrels aged for a year. Your apple-y Old Fashioneds await.
Where to buyπŸ˜•If you’re outside Chicago,?check distribution?(use?LibDib?for NYC).

The?boozeπŸ˜•The Lake Hopper from Citizen Cider.
The fall hook:?Well, it’s a cider, which uses apples locally grown and pressed in Vermont. But it also use dry hops. Which makes it less cider-y. Which is how you like it?
Where to buy: Available in all?New England states, plus the Carolinas and Chicago.

The boozeπŸ˜•Shacksbury Ros?.
The fall hook: Somebody had the clever idea to let the cider, made from Vermont apples, age on local grape skins, for a dry, ros?-esque finish.
Where to buyπŸ˜•Online here.

The boozeπŸ˜•Snowdrift’s Single Varietal Seckel Perry.
The fall hook: This perry is made entirely with specialty Seckel pears, resulting in a relatively dry, full-bodied vanilla-and-allspice taste. Also: now you know what a “perry” is.
Where to buyπŸ˜•Online here.

The boozeπŸ˜•Redstone Meadery Apple Nectar.
The fall hook: I mean, it’s apple mead, so…you’re going to be able to taste?a lot of apple. And it’s going to be sweet.
Where to buyπŸ˜•Online here.

The boozeπŸ˜•Sidra del Sol from Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider.
The fall hook:?Pacific Northwest-grown apples and Indian-harvested ghost chilis, for an added kick. We’re not sure if ghost chilis constitute a fall flavor, but let’s say for the sake of this inclusion that they do…
Where to buy: In Portland or?online here?(only ships to select states).

The boozeπŸ˜•2014 Troy Cider.
The fall hook:?It’s a decidedly wine-like farmhouse cider with organic heirloom apples and?hints of quince from Sonoma. So, yeah, like we said: “wine-like.”
Where to buyπŸ˜•Online here.

The boozeπŸ˜•Sugarlands Shine Marke and Digger’s Rye Apple Moonshine.
The fall hook: We would be remiss if we didn’t include an apple moonshine here. This one won the Silver Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits?Competition, so you know it’s good.?And strong.
Where to buyπŸ˜•Online here.


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