5 Women Leaders Helping Wineries to Be Successful

by Laurie Wachter – The wine industry draws people passionate about their work, whether they are growing grapes, making wine or supporting those who do. These five wine industry women share that passion, providing high-quality products, equipment and services to enable wineries to do what they do best — create great wines. Cheryl Durzy, CEO, […]

Advancing Industry: Innovations in wine and vine

Innovations in wine and vine - Distributing Wine

Advancing Industry: Innovations in wine and vine By?Mark Stock for Oregon Wine Press In an industry so often associated with dank cellars, dusty bottles and traditionalism, it?s easy to forget a great deal of innovation exists. For better or worse, romantic sketches of an age-old, agricultural trade tend to overshadow technological breakthroughs and general advancements. […]