Three-Tier Innovations: It?s Now a Little Easier to Drink the Wine You Want

There are lots of great wines being made by small producers all over the U.S. The problem is it?s hard to get your hands on them because of the three-tier distribution system. Happily, because of some innovative business models, we are beginning to get some work-arounds that will help get wines into the hands of […]

The Three Tier System Can (And Will) Work for Everyone

Every day I talk to around three to four Makers about LibDib. Makers who have products on the platform, some who just signed up and others who are exploring their options. I love telling them my long term vision for LibDib and I always share a couple of stories about how LibDib came to be. […]

Hello. Is it me you are looking for?

If you?ve dealt with distributors your first reaction to this first blog post might be to run like the wind. But I?m here to tell you that you if you are small to mid-sized businesses with alcoholic beverage distribution woes, you might want to hear what I have to say. Because a year ago I was you.