How one Emerging Craft Spirits Company Found Huge Success on LibDib

In March 2020 the world launched into a global pandemic. That same month, emerging craft spirits company, Phenomenal Spirits, entered the U.S. market with their small-production Ron Izalco Rum and RY3 Whiskey.  Over the past 15 months the spirits brand has found huge success, expanding distribution to 15 states and selling barrel after barrel of their small-batch products.  What’s […]

Distiller Finds Major Success Through LibDib’s Club & Online Retail Relationships

Penelope Bourbon Founders

LibDib Maker: Penelope Bourbon Location: New Jersey LibDib Markets: California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois LibDib Brand Page: Securing relationships with wine or spirits clubs and big-box retailers can be a huge win for Makers–especially when it comes to brand development and sales. However, both types of these trade customers can be tough to get in […]

A Behind The Bar Trend Your Business Can?t Afford to Miss

A Behind The Bar Trend Your Business Can?t Afford to Miss

Today?s customers seek craft spirits and small production wines. The research is there. More importantly you see it every day at your bar, restaurant or retail location. Millennials are now a major part of the total market share for spirits consumption and they want authentically crafted products. But there?s a problem. Many small Makers have […]