LibDib and Edge Beverage Partner to Bring Chain Store Access to Emerging Brands

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New partnership helps small wine and spirits brands secure chain visibility

San Jose, CA, January 29, 2020 — Wholesale alcohol distributor, LibDib, and leading retail placement professionals, Edge Beverage Consulting, today announced a partnership that allows emerging wine and spirits brands to more easily secure placements in large and regional chain stores. As part of the partnership LibDib Makers now have the opportunity to present their products to chain stores via Edge?s consulting services.

?When LibDib launched we didn?t expect chain placements would be a big part of our business. But like the industry at large, things evolve,? said Cheryl Durzy, Founder & CEO of LibDib. ?Changing consumer habits have brought chain stores into play as consumers seek local, small production products. Our new service with Edge adapts our model to bring offerings to a different type of buyer.?

LibDib and Edge Beverage will work together to consider products for chain placements based on what buyers are looking for. Ultimately, Edge will leverage their vast network of National Retailer buyer relationships to present LibDib?s emerging brands to key industry players, with the goal of being placed on shelves.

?Buyers are flooded with options so once you secure distribution with LibDib you need to find a way to stand out,? said Phil Guana, Founder and Managing Partner of Edge Beverage Consulting. ?We?re here to help LibDib Makers build a national or regional footprint and get their brands noticed.?

LibDib offers three-tier compliant, web-based distribution in five states including California, Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, and New York. Hundreds of brands have found success with the LibDib model, which evolves the traditional distribution model to be inclusive to all.

LibDib Makers must have approved and live offerings on the platform to be invited to work with Edge. LibDib Makers who are interested in working with Edge Beverage can contact the LibDib Maker team for more information.

About LibDib

LibDib, LLC, is a licensed wholesale distributor of alcoholic beverages enabled through a proprietary web-based technology platform. LibDib focuses on the evolution of alcohol distribution utilizing technology to provide three-tier compliant services for any brand. Using LibDib, restaurants, bars and retailers legally and efficiently purchase boutique wines and craft spirits. The company is a proud partner of Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) who they formed a partnership with in November 2018. LibDib was founded in 2016, launched in March 2017, and is based in San Jose, California. LibDib can be found online at as well as on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

About Edge Beverage Consulting

Since 2016 Edge Beverage Consulting ( has been an industry changing team of Retail Placement professionals, helping brands with retail chain sales, grow distribution and provide a team of sales professionals in markets across the country. Edge Beverage Consulting uses a Fractional Services Model to allow suppliers, importers and distributors access to retailer chains at a fraction of the cost of hiring a traditional National Accounts Executive.


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