Hinterhaus Distillery’s Strategic Distribution Breakthrough as a LibDib Gold Member

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Nestled in the pristine wilderness of Sierra Nevada, Hinterhaus Distillery has been creating waves in the spirits industry since its inception in 2020. Run by the entrepreneurial couple Nate and Bonnie Randall, Hinterhaus prides itself on crafting high-quality spirits sourced from local ingredients and aged in locally sourced casks. The distillery faced initial sales limitations within their tasting room, prompting the Randalls to scale operations through external distribution. However, they quickly discovered that traditional distribution channels were not suited for their boutique operation. That’s when they went for LibDib Gold.

The primary challenge Hinterhaus faced was penetrating the distribution market. As a small craft distillery, they struggled with the stringent requirements and lack of flexibility offered by large distributors. Their unique product needed a distribution strategy that aligned with their craft ethos and desire for selective placement.

In their quest to expand their distribution footprint without compromising on brand integrity, Hinterhaus was introduced to LibDib through RNDC. They found LibDib’s innovative distribution platform caters to the specific needs of craft producers and that was exactly what they were looking for. LibDib’s user-friendly platform and dedicated portfolio team enabled Hinterhaus to manage their distribution process seamlessly, from sales tracking to buyer engagement.

Three years later, Hinterhaus has been able to leverage LibDib to significantly Increase their off premise sales and bring on a very large retailer. “Many of those deals are the result of LibDib making those connections for us early on,” said Bonnie Randall. “LibDib has been crucial to us growing our distribution in a meaningful way.”

LibDib has enabled Hinterhaus to maintain existing relationships with regional distributors while also penetrating new markets, particularly in Southern California. This strategy has effectively “rounded out the quilt” of their distribution model, allowing them to scale without losing their craft identity. 

“We do not have an endless supply of everything and we wanted to be discerning where we were carried,” continued Randall. Each location had to be a good fit for their brand and LibDib allowed them to maintain that control, while expanding. 

By leveraging LibDib, Hinterhaus has been able to operate leanly, avoiding the need for a large sales team. This has allowed them to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on strategic sales visits and personalized buyer engagement.

Bonnie Randall highlights the benefits of working with LibDib: “LibDib’s platform is refreshingly easy to use. It allows us to track sales meticulously, refine our pitches, and extend invites to new buyers with no hassle. Working with Katie from the portfolio team has been a game-changer; her responsiveness and dedication to promoting our brand have been instrumental in our success.”

Bonnie and her team quickly upgraded to a LibDib Gold membership saying that it has paid dividends in terms of benefits and results. “We were planning to try Gold for a few months and see how it panned out and the results were incredible. Having a dedicated portfolio team makes it so incredibly easy. Our team has our back and supports our on-site visits as well as inventory. They are really great to work with.”

Encouraged by their current trajectory, Hinterhaus is planning to double down on distribution efforts. They are exploring options to expand their in-house sales team to enhance their presence in the market further and sustain the growth momentum.

Hinterhaus Distillery’s partnership with LibDib exemplifies how small distilleries can leverage innovative distribution platforms to overcome industry barriers and achieve substantial growth. Through strategic partnerships and a commitment to maintaining their craft identity, Hinterhaus is poised for continued success in the competitive spirits market.