Get your hands on hard-to-find wine and craft spirits

Get your hands on hard-to-find wine and craft spirits

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At LibDib we talk a lot about how we?re different from traditional distributors, but one key difference is that LibDib offers ANY licensed Maker distribution.

For you beverage geeks out there, this means LibDib can get pretty much any product your customers desire.

Mixologists and sommeliers looking for really hard to find products? Yep, we help them. A retail shop owner wanting to bring in something new and different? Yes! A customer requesting something that is not currently in distribution? Boom! This is where we shine. Our team loves helping Resellers fulfill their dreams.

Reach out to LibDib for wine and spirits matchmaking. It?s a win-win! The Buyer gets cool, hard to find craft spirits and wines. The winery/distillery makes a new friend and relationship.

Here?s how it works:

  • Sign up for LibDib.
  • Get in touch with our amazing Reseller Team.
  • Tell them what your heart desires. Our team will then reach out to the Maker to get their product into distribution.
  • With a valid Reseller license you are able to purchase that product online (yes, we are a distributor with an online platform).
  • Did we also mention that you can order as much or as little as you like? Yep, LibDib has no minimums.
  • Don?t know what you want? We have thousands of hard-to-find craft products already on the platform (with new Makers signing up daily).

Beverage pros, we challenge you to reach out to our team and ask them to bring in the products you desire. Our wine and spirits sleuths will be on the case and you?ll be wowed by the matchmaking results.

Interested in one type of product but want to choose from a group of brands? Contact the Reseller team and they?ll send you some suggestions.

Email or give em? a call at 1-844-LIB-DIB1 (542-3421).


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