A new distributor gives small brands an even footing

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In an era of craft everything, how do small startup brands find traction in a marketplace dominated by big brands with enormous advertising budgets? A common problem in the restaurant industry is alcohol buyers know what they want but no idea who they can buy it from.

Also many smaller restaurants struggle to meet prohibitive minimums. LibDib seeks to solve all of these problems in one online platform. Only operational now in California and New York, LibDib is the first online app to meet the qualifications as an alcohol distributor in a three tier system in the U.S. Because LibDib?s model is built like an on-demand business one bottle or one hundred cases is all the same to the startup. Small brands can truly be on an equal footing in a platform that is easily searchable LibDib just completed its first 100 days in business, and the drinks business has its first app business. We wait to see how the restaurant and retail business adapts to this new technology.



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