LibDib is a fully licensed three-tier distributor of alcoholic beverages. The LibDib web platform offers Restaurants, Bars and Retailers an online book that is easily searchable and filled with hundreds of unique wines and craft spirits from around the world. Resellers can buy online, order via phone, or submit a digital order.

LibDib is unique in that we provide distribution to ANY licensed Maker from anywhere in the world. That means that we have products that can’t be found anywhere else. Small production wines and craft spirits that would traditionally not have access to the market.

LibDib is currently available in California, Colorado, New York, and Wisconsin. We have partnered with established distributors like Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC), the nation’s second largest distributor, to expand to new markets. We will be announcing those new markets in the near future.

To sign up on our website, Resellers need to provide us with basic contact information including email address, company information (including a licensed premise address) and a valid reseller’s license. We are often able to find the reseller license behind the scenes immediately, and if not we’ll need you provide your license before you buy any products on LibDib.

No. LibDib does not require a credit application and does not charge any fees to Resellers. It’s free to sign up and free to shop as long as you are a licensed Reseller.

We’ll be happy to give a preview of our shop or suggest products that suit your needs. Contact our reseller team and they’ll get you the answers you are looking for.

Yes! A good ol’ fashioned phone call or email is also acceptable. Just contact our reseller team and they’ll take good care of you.

LibDib is a technology company and a distributor. As a tech company we like to use our engineering prowess to offer a new way for buying and selling wine and spirits. That means no sales reps. With LibDib, Makers are your main face-to-face contacts, offering a better buying experience for you.

No. LibDib is a fully licensed three-tier distributor. If you want to know more about that read our blog post here.

With LibDib, it’s easy to browse, search and purchase craft products online. Resellers can search for items by name, type, keywords, price, rating, variety, country, region, vintage, brand, and so on. We also offer convenient categories like wine, spirits, award-winning, craft trends, etc. Choose the products you want, place them in a shopping cart and checkout. It’s that easy. You also have the option to tag favorites and create lists of products. And, if you don’t want to shop online, you can contact our reseller team. They can suggest products or place an order for you. Whatever is easiest for you!

New products are available daily as new Makers come on board. Be sure to check back often, search, learn, and enjoy trying new craft wine and spirits. Your customers will thank you!

With LibDib there are no minimums so you can purchase what you want, when you want it.

When ordering you can request specific delivery windows and parameters. After placing an order you will receive a confirmation email with specific shipment and tracking information. Shipments will be delivered depending on the rules and regulations in your state. In some instances, the shipment is sent via common carrier and in other circumstances, the shipment will make a stop LibDib’s licensed warehouse and then be delivered to you. Once a shipment is delivered, a delivery notification will be sent, outlining what was included.

LibDib will invoice you once your products are delivered. Payment is processed according to terms and you have several payment options depending on the legal rules in your state. LibDib accepts, ACH, check, or credit card in some states. Where legally available, LibDib also offers an e-invoice. The first payment option is an E-invoice (where legally available). An E-invoice can be paid with a transfer of electronic funds. This can be done using the Intuit Payments link included in the invoice email. The electronic funds transfer is in the form of an ACH transaction from your chosen financial institution. Once signed up with Intuit Payments, the information can be saved securely to avoid repetitive entry. Once set up it will make it easy for future payments.

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How to Contact Us:

Please reach out to our Reseller Support Team anytime.
You can call us at 1-844-542-3421 or email

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