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RNDC and LibDib Join Forces

RNDC and LibDib join forces It was announced recently that Republic National Distributing Co (RNDC), and Liberation Distribution (LibDib) have formed a strategic alliance and will be working together. I consider this a huge development for the wine and spirits industries and I was anxious to learn what it means...

LibDib Adds Wisconsin Market

Liberation Distribution, LibDib, which offers a web-based platform to help wineries sell wine through the three tier system, announced a partnership with wholesaler Capitol-Husting Company to open up the Wisconsin market. The partnership will enable any licensed producer of beverage alcohol to sell their products in the state through the...

Corporate Spotlight: Capitol-Husting Co. Partners with LibDib

One of the new initiatives with a focus on technology is Captiol-Husting's partnership with Liberation Distribution (LibDib), a California-based company that enables craft distillery product distribution from craft distilleries nationwide. (more…)