We like to believe there is still a use for newspaper ads and print marketing. Like a bottle of traditional craft liquor or wine, the value remains and or increases with time. However, it would be biased to discredit the revolutionary practice of digital marketing.

The internet has shifted marketing 180 degrees by allowing ads to appear on technological gadgets. Electronics such as Apple MacBooks, computers, iPads, and mobile phones, give consumers access to search brands in a matter of seconds. Wireless devices allow those same consumers to examine their favorite products on the go.

Digital marketing is one of the best strategies for attracting customers to your store. Regardless, if you sell your products on the web or not, you should take full advantage of online campaigns.

How to Attract More Customers to Your Store

Today we want to discuss digital techniques liquor businesses can implement to attract more consumers and increase sales. Since we are a craft liquor distributor, we tend to focus on topics surrounding alcohol consumption.

Feel free to utilize these tips even if you are not in the business of spirit distributors.

Digital Marketing Tips

Here at LibDib, we promote transparent conversations, such as how we influence wholesale alcohol sales. We wouldn’t discuss marketing benefits unless we’ve experienced them ourselves.

These digital marketing strategies have helped launched our craft liquor distributor business into a success. We plan to continue these steps as we market our new impressive Florida wines being that we are now a wholesale wine distributor in Florida. Yay!

Back on topic, we are delighted to share these tips with you in hopes that your liquor store prospers.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a great source to rank your webpage high among search engines like Google, Safari, and Yahoo. The higher you rank, the more likely consumers are to click on your website, discovering your store’s location.

The trick for SEO is to use keywords within your website that will appeal to your target audience. Since we are now amongst the wholesale wine distributors in Florida, let’s use that as an example. Say you sell impressive Florida wines in your store, you want to use a platform like Shopify, to find keywords that relate to those wines and your state. Next time someone searches “Florida wines” online, your store will appear in their search engine. The more active the keywords, the higher your business will rank.

  1. Back Links

Sponsored links are a way to promote your business using a third party website. You can pay to promote your website through someone else’s site or blog. If consumers on that site spot your promotion and take an interest in the visuals or content, chances are they’ll click on it.

  1. Social Media

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat are valuable to any and every store. The platforms have built-in systems where you can promote your posts. Based on their algorithm, the post will appear on the timeline of locals and distant users.

Other benefits of social media, specifically Facebook, are engagement groups. You can join the group to discuss topics about liquor (or your industry). Eventually, you will find a genuine conversation to mention your store.

Learn How to Use Social Media to Advertise Your Liquor Brand (applies to liquor stores as well).

  1. Newsletters

Email marketing opens the door for communication with potential customers. It allows you to express the voice of your brand while showcasing your new offers. Most people skim their emails in search of coupons and discounts, so it will be an excellent opportunity for your store to announce upcoming liquor sales.

Consider using a newsletter generating platform where you get to filter emails and play with A-B testing. As a craft liquor distributor, you should filter the ages to 21+, targeting consumers most interested in your service. The A and B testing options will let you send separate promotions to select demographics screened in either the 1st or 2nd category. You can also assign different emails to the same group to determine which gets a better response.

  1. Content

Content such as your articles, blogs, and press releases connect back to SEO marketing. All content produced creates opportunities for your liquor store to get discovered. Include target keywords within these written pieces to draw in consumers who are online searching for products held in your store. Let’s say you’re a craft liquor distributor in Florida; you want to ensure you explain this within your article or blog. Highlight your impressive Florida wines with relevant content and make a statement.

In addition to using content as a way to spread the word about your liquor store, make sure to respond to any questions placed under the post (including social media and yelp). Engagement makes potential consumers feel comfortable, and building that relationship, increasing your chances of gaining a regular customer.


The tips above have certainly helped in building what is known as LibDib, a craft liquor distributor serving the states of Florida, New York, California, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Apply these digital marketing tips into your system to experience the same growth for your liquor store.