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Calling all Distilleries: Showcase your offerings to an audience of enthusiastic Buyers. 

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Welcome to The Barrel Market. 

The LibDib Barrel Market

The LibDib Barrel Market is the industry’s FIRST web and mobile barrel buying experience. Licensed restaurants, bars and retailers can browse AND purchase barrel selections–all online or via a mobile iOS device. 

How It Works

Any Maker can offer barrels for sale on the Barrel Market. Makers create a free LibDib account and provide product information, descriptions, and images. We check to make sure all the compliance pieces are in place and then barrels are live for Buyers to browse and buy all online. LibDib has a low 14% markup across all markets. Win-win for all.

Who We Work With

 Local distilleries. 

 Distilleries from all across the U.S.

 Distilleries from around the world.

The LibDib Barrel Market is for everyone. 

How Buyers Purchase Barrels

Buyers, just head over to LibDib and sign up. Once the liquor license is verified, you start shopping. Once a barrel is purchased, LibDib’s logistics seamlessly handles delivery. It’s that easy. 

Oh and Buyer, be sure to visit The Barrel Market often. New offerings are added all the time. Be the first in the hood to discover a special offering from a fabulously unique Maker that your customers will love. 

“The LibDib Barrel Market presents an incredible new opportunity for us to sell Taconic’s award-winning, hand-crafted bourbon and rye whiskies into the market,” said Sean O’Donnell of Taconic Distillery“Their seamless technology makes it easy and efficient, allowing us to focus on selling New York’s #1 Bourbon to our highly valued customers.”

Access the top U.S. Markets

“We fulfill for many cocktail clubs and single barrel clubs. LibDib is a great partner in helping to ease the legalities and logistics of getting hard to acquire barrels from the distillery to us, the retailer. We can always rely on LibDib to provide a one stop shop solution that's the most efficient and cost effective in this convoluted liquor distribution framework. LibDib is truly an integral partner in our business."

- Retailer, NY

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